It's Time to Start Your Adventure

This is the start of something special. This is the start of rediscovering the best of you and creating a life you love. I look forward to meeting you soon. And don’t forget to check out my freebies further down this page!

Rediscovering You. A Two-Hour Treat

Being a mum can be tough. And thankless. You care for everyone else, but never quite get around to prioritising you, your self-care, dreams or investing in your life goals (especially in lockdown!) 

Well, now is your time. You deserve this: time exclusively for you, to put you first. Time to Rediscover You. 

Whether this is a gift from someone who cares about you or a treat for yourself, join me in an inspiring 1:1 insight session to reconnect to your sparkle, purpose, confidence and joy. 

We’ll begin to explore a vision of a life you love and give you some starter tools to make it happen. 

This is a taste of my 4-month programme, and will leave you feeling enthusiastic, positive and energised about what’s possible for you in your life and work.

£279 for a two-hour 1:1 Rediscovering You session on Zoom 
(E-voucher available on request)

Shine Brighter. Your 1:1 Personal Coaching Programme​

This is a deep-dive, personalised four-month programme to help you shine brighter. It is designed to support you to create a fulfilling life with purpose that re-ignites (or discovers) your passion, confidence, self-worth, joy and connection to your life and work goals.

Whether you want to develop your career, create change, or reawaken your self-love, motivation and essence, I will help you to discover how to take inspired action and wake up happy.

Package includes:

  • A powerful 1:1, bespoke four-month coaching and personal development programme via Zoom. This is time prioritised to focus exclusively on you;
  • Two-hour Discovery Session to co-create our Coaching Agreement and give you some bedrock tools for your coaching journey;
  • Eight further 1:1, 55-minute coaching sessions, including a completion session to lock in your learning and celebrate your successes;
  • Take away, personalised self-coaching tools for long-term use;
  • Goal setting for our three-month programme and beyond;
  • Explore a topic of your choice each session; either something that keeps you awake at night, triggers you, or lights your fire. Alternatively, you can choose to be coached on:
    • Defining and achieving your dreams and life goals
    • Understanding your values and why they are important
    • Raising self-esteem and confidence
    • Identifying and meeting your needs and wants
    • Creating social connections and a sense of belonging (finding your ‘tribe’)
    • Redesigning life in lockdown
    • Finding fulfilment, motivation, direction and purpose
    • Understanding your triggers and areas for self sabotage, and how to deal with them
    • Learn how to choose a mental state and mindset that empower you
    • Self-care and wellbeing
    • Mindfulness techniques for calm
    • Overload / lack of balance
    • Getting in touch with your personal power
    • Self-limiting beliefs
    • Family and relationships
    • Setting and negotiating boundaries and saying no
    • Identifying and changing your unhelpful conditioned responses
    • Working out what you want your story to be from here on
    • Imposter syndrome
    • Understanding and eliminating your guilt
    • Managing expectations and judgements

£1,400* in four monthly instalments of £350

(equivalent to last two sessions free)


Time for Me. Online course

Once or twice a year, I run an affordable online starter course for women just like you – women who want more confidence, purpose and joy in their lives, but lack the clarity, tools, self-belief and structure to make it happen. 

Content is delivered to you over six weeks so that you have the time to digest it, grow in confidence and begin to take inspired action. The beauty of this is that you can work through it at your own pace, at times of day that are convenient for you, and at a more affordable price point than my 1:1 services. 

Sign up to the waitlist and I’ll send you BONUS inspirational content occasionally until the next course is ready to go live.


Confidence Tips
12 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

In this free guide, you'll get 12 proven tips to help you start to feel more confident and happier in yourself. Find out how even small changes can result in big shifts...

Where to Start, to Create a LIfe You Love?

Realising where you are stuck is the first step towards creating a more fulfilling life, with confidence, purpose and joy. Use this 4-Step Workbook to get clear and start to Create a Life You Love!

More About Genna

I am a mum to 14- and 10-year-old boys, and I’ve been where you are. I get it.

The world is full of magnificent women who are playing small; feeling trapped, underconfident and unfulfilled. That’s not ok with me – we get one life and I plan to help as many women as possible to thrive and create a life they love. I truly believe the world will be a better place with more strong, compassionate, confident, joyful women taking their rightful place in it.

After a deep experience in personal development a very long time ago (to help me build resilience for my marketing career), I was hooked. I took the internationally renowned, ICF-accredited coach training programme with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in 2005. It was transformational for me and I started to coach alongside my corporate career. Since then, I’ve been on CPD courses with Fiona Harrold, Tony Robbins, Shirzad Chamine, Springboard, Amy Porterfield and WBECS.

For years, I played small, taking the back seat with my career while my husband and I adopted traditional roles of breadwinner and part-time mum-housekeeper-marketer, respectively.

It was never the glass ceiling that held me back, but the sticky (literal and metaphorical!) floor.

Then things changed in 2019.

I was made redundant from my part-time job and my son became very ill, ending up in a two month stay in hospital.

It shifted something in me and I knew it was my time to shine and play bigger.

In spring 2020, I went back to CTI to achieve my goal of becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). It has been the springboard for prioritising time for me to get back on track and make my dreams happen.

Now, I’m making it my business to help as many women as possible rediscover themselves, and reconnect to the best of who they are and what they want in their life and work.

Sometimes, my clients want big changes; other times it might only be a seemingly small shift. Either way, they are stuck when they come to me, or not making progress fast enough.

I help them to identify and implement results that have a transformative impact in how they experience their life, what they create and how they show up in their relationships and the world.

What’s your catalyst, your springboard? Are you ready to do the same…?

Coaching: What You Get

Dedicated, undisturbed time just for you, to be heard and seen for who you are now and who you have the possibility of becoming. The key to transformation is self-awareness and action – I can promise you will get both!